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I honestly believe this is a huge year for golf instructors and coaches.

We have come so far so quickly over the past 5-10 years. Not only with technology and knowledge of how to teach, but also with the marketing and ways to keep in touch with students.

It’s truly amazing.

But more people are falling behind than ever before.

Let’s get real. There are more people struggling to make $20,000 in a year than those trying to figure out how to get over the 6 figure mark. Here’s the problem with that… $20,000 simply isn’t enough to support a family with, causing more and more instructors to leave and find a new career.

And if more quality instructors and coaches leave the game that means golf is going to remain stale and continue to decrease in popularity.

Here’s what I believe…

2015 is the year that more instructors and coaches than ever are going to realize that this is a business. They (you) have to pay attention to your business model, your marketing, your sales and implement systems (just like any other business) that help support those key foundational aspects.

Relying on word of mouth isn’t going to be enough.

A paradigm shift needs to occur. We heard about this shift in how to be a better teacher and coach from Lynn Marriott, but it’s also happening in the business as we heard from guys like Will Robins and Dr Rick Jensen.

I’ve dedicated 2015 to bringing more and more content to you all that will help you understand how to build and grow a real “business” in 2015.

We’re going to keep it real.

Only learning from those that pass certain criteria.

It’s not going to be overnight get rich quick schemes or anything like that. I can’t stand that kind of stuff.

It’s going to be more real honest candid conversations about the best ways to grow a real sustainable business. While staying true to yourself and your business.

So to kick us off we have some really good snippets from episodes from 2014. This episodes with Jeff Ritter and Shawn Humphries talking about setting goals and working hard.

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The work that Jeff and his team are doing with younger students, 5-12 years old, is really inspiring. Everything that Jeff shared about this should truly help all of you build out programs for a largely untapped market. I’ve heard from quite a few people of how they avoid this age range (Jeff shares that he did this as well) But then realizing that it’s something that’s extremely important.


We’re going to talk about marketing, and how Jeff is going to get students in the door and better educating parents. I love that way that he “pitches” it to parents.

We took through the synergistic flow of students through his different programs and how it all comes together.

We wrap up this awesome interview with golf coach Jeff Isler talking about two takeaways he’s come to realize after coming form the business world and spending the past 10 years building golf academy.

Do you want to create a business or a job?

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Jeff Isler is a very successful golf coach. He has a thriving academy of juniors that is rapidly growing (so much so they’re adding locations and instructors)

But this story didn’t start in golf. It starts with no experience as a golf instructor or playing competitively. Jeff found a passion for instruction and decided he was going to give it a shot. Through working with hundreds of great competitive juniors he has a developed a system that is working extremely well – for students and for the business. We’re going to cover that.

We’re going to answer questions like:

  • How do you go from teaching out of your garage to having an 8500 sq foot studio and multiple employees
  • What does building a “business” really mean?
  • The great hacks Jeff used to get his first students. (he really put in the work to make these work)

I first heard about what Jeff was doing through this article on Golf Range Magazine. It’s a great look at what he’s doing. Make sure to check that out here.

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This was a great show to do. A conversation between some of our past guests. Brian Manzella,Andrew Rice, and Mr. Nick Chertock.

We didn’t really have an agenda when we sat down, so we start off with a popular topic…

Tiger Woods and Chris Como. All of the guests are familiar, friends with Chris so it’s a great look at what’s actually going on with Tiger’s instructors.

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What does a good coach mean to you?
How do you get a player to the results they want? and how can you guarantee that?
How should you price your coaching?

We cover quite a bit in this episode but... WE DON'T COVER EVERYTHING. Click on the banner below and sign up to get access to a live Q&A so you can ask any of your questions and hear from someone Will has helped double their revenue in under a year. It's not made up or trying to be shocking but the truth... Make sure to sign up. :)

If you want to see how much time you can save and more money you can make with coaching. Check out this awesome tool Will developed for you - Get access

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Will Robins has an amazing story. Like quite a few past guests Will start his golf career as a player more than a coach / teacher. However due to some crazy events in life he couldn’t continue to play. Check out his story on CBS.

We walk through his first coaching offer and what happened with those first 16 players that went through his programs.

After that first group he officially opened April 1 2008 and grew exponentially through the worst time financially.

  • We talk about how he signed up 22 people for his second coaching program at $1300 a piece
  • The marketing mindset he used.
  • He he crafted his emails and exactly what was the messaging in those emails
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Steven Whidden knows how to successfully start teaching at a new location. In this episode Steve walks through 3 actions that helped him to grow up a solid student base and the thriving academy he has now.

My teaching philosophy is very simple. My goal is to get you to reach yours.

Giving golf lessons is more than being book smart.

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Steve Whidden had the opportunity to build a full time academy from scratch starting in 2008.


He started at a course with 300 members who had never taken instruction at the course.  His challenge was to get those members taking lessons at the course, building an academy from scratch. <em>Spoiler alert - which he was able to do.</em> 


We are going to talk about everything about this journey. What the market was like, the surrounding area, and the specific action steps he took to attract students.    Great stories, great actionable advice.

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Joe has taught a lot of golf over the winter time in Chicago.  During the summer he’s known as the playing lesson pro, so I thought it would be interesting to see what he does over the winter months. 

If you’re struggling to get students into programs.   Joe runs through the “sales” pitch he walks through to help students understand why continuing instruction is really necessary. 

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Steve Whidden has built a successful academy at a golf club near Tampa FL.  But as we’ve learned.  Getting to teaching at a high level takes time and there’s always a good story there.  We’re going to hear where Steve comes from and his perspective on all of this. Next week we’ll dive in and walk through a step by step of how he’s build up his academy in just a few years. 

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Larry Hamilton went beyond a 30x30 indoor studio and into a 4500 sq foot studio last year.  We’re going to chat about how that first year went and what changes he’s making for the coming year. 


We cover everything.  How he get’s students into his programs, how many of his core clients convert, and the specific coaching programs he’s running.   He also talks about what he works on during the winter and how he really enjoys the indoor season.

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Chris Foley lives up in the northern part of Minnesota. So figuring out a plan for winter programming is essential for him.

He focusses on getting middle high school players into a winter long program. We dive into what that entails, the price, and how many you can expect to convert from your typical core summer students.

If you’re thinking about taking some trips Chris talks about his experience running those as well.

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Vision54 is taking players onto the course. No way around it. Lynn shares why it’s become vital for them and why learning “in context” is essential.

No more Scrape and Hit!

If you don’t get anything out of this episode. You weren’t listening because Lynn is delivering some AMAZING content.

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We’re going to learn how Lynn views teaching.  She runs through the format of a lesson and why it makes sense to format it that way.  If you’re struggling to build rapport and get people to improve.  I think Lynn shares the best way to do that. 

"I’m communicating and supporting human beings."

We also talk about how to work with students.  Why you need to see players on the course, so that you can understand what they actually do when they’re playing the game on the course.   Lynn tells an amazing story of working with a player not the golf course and what they were able to accomplish in 6 or 9 holes. 

I didn’t teach golf…  I taught golf swing

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Lynn Marriott might be speaking directly to you in this interview.  We’re talking about breaking out of the traditional instruction paradigm and working on actually helping people play better golf.  We’re going to define this about 10 minutes in and chat about how it affects everything Lynn and Pia do at Vision54.


We start form the very beginning in this part.  Where and how she got started.   What she was focused on and the theories that drove her.   This is intermixed with fantastic stories going along with all the points she makes.



Lynn really teaches some amazing lessons that every instructor needs to hear if they’re looking to get better.


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