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k-vest for golf instructors

The History of K-VEST

K-VEST has been around for the past 15 years pioneering the space of motion capture in golf and helping coaches from all over the world get better results with their students. We're going to dive into several different aspects of the company and try to answer as many questions a golf instructor might have about K-VEST.

K-VEST Learning LoopTony Morgan, managing partner at K-VEST, talks about the origins of K-VEST and just how much technology and coaching has grown, sharing how they now help coaches measure, assess, coach, and train. Tony shares examples of how the learning loop can be used with all level of players and just how important it is for students to improve their practice and the impact on learning. There is no "style" to K-VEST, it's simply a platform and you can choose how to use it with students. It's method agnostic. Check out where the company is headed and some of their newest advancements for coaches.

An Instructors Perspective on Using K-VEST With John Dunigan

Everyone that John Dunigan coaches get’s on K-VEST for an assessment four times per year and additionaly when necessary. John uses the 6 dof K-VEST as he's looking for as much data as possible when working with students (you can get more details on the different models here). However, John has put in the work and education to make sure he understands the data and knows how to use it effectively. Don’t start using K-VEST with students before you know what you’re doing. You have to spend a good amount of time testing it out on yourself and others to make sure you have a good 40 hours of time under your belt before working with students (John also recommends the three levels of certification K-VEST has) Injury prevention is one of biggest reasons John uses the K-VEST. He shares a story of a young high school student who had tour quality swing speed but was already having back problems and if he continued with his swing would have lead to further injury. By getting the student onto biofeedback they were able to make positive changes to prevent injuries and improve ball flight. Why use K-VEST? Because you’ll find the solution and train the student there faster. Students are pushed and that difficulty the biofeedback can introduce helps students find the right challenge point and progress quickly. John goes through this system with his students:

  • What’s the ball doing
  • What’s the club doing to the ball
  • What is the body doing to the club

He also wants to make sure that students have the right understanding so they don’t have preconceived ideas that hurt their progress. He talks through the education he takes student through in his “teach a man to fish” method with students. K-VEST sensors

One of the worse thing a coach can say is “now lets”. You have to make sure students actually learn what you’re working on and are able to take it to the golf course.John also talks through some best practices on how to use bio-feedback so it transfers to the golf course and the learning sticks.

"Whoever does the work, does the learning."

If the equipment is doing the work then the student really isn’t learning. That’s why John loves the biofeedback and just how much the student has to work when using it properly Well used technology at the right time, helps you build your business.



The Possibilities of the K-PLAYER

Most golf instructors are constantly trying to solve the problem of making more revenue without spending more time, and the new K-PLAYER ecosystem makes this a possibility. K-VEST softwareThe K-PLAYER is a 2 sensor system that gives instructors the ability to build training programs in the K-VEST software and allows students to train on the K-PLAYER. And this WORKS, students improve quicker and with longer lasting effects. Jim shares a story of a student who simply trained on the K-PLAYER for 7 weeks, never talking about swing, yet saw incredible progress that the student's swing instructor could barely believe. Biofeedback training is powerful! There are a number of revenue opportunities that take an instructor outside of the 1-1 lesson model:

  • Rental
  • “Clone” yourself
  • Sell Unsupervised Practice
  • Sell at home training programs

The great part about this is just how simple the sales process is. Give students an experience on a K-VEST and simply ask if they’d like to train more on it outside of a lesson. We’ll talk through specific programs that have worked for instructor Jim Beadle so you can see practical ideas of how this can look in your business.


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Learn from Shawn Clement about getting over 26 million Youtube views and his thoughts on the way golf is being taught.

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David Orr is definitely now known as a world-class putting expert, but that wasn’t always the case. He found his specialty and his niche along the path of his career.


David talks about his story and how he became the “expert”. So many fundamental concepts to learn from this that should give you some amazing ideas on how to find your area to specialize in. As a bonus you’ll learn a few things about putting while listening to this 

“Everyone is looking for the answers on the outside, they’re looking in the wrong direction.” Garrett Kramer

These are invaluable questions to help you in your career and find your niche.

What do I love?
There are so many different options and directions you have to be doing what you love.

Why do I do it?How are you going to go about doing it?
How are you going to make money? How much do you need to make? Where are you going to do it?

David Orr also gives some massive shout outs to David Leadbetter, Butch Harmon, and Mike Adams for pushing golf instruction forward and creating the industry that it is today.

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David Orr is one of the leading putting coaches in the world (students include Justin Rose, Hunter Mahan, etc) and has a lot of wisdom to share as a life long teacher and someone who has thought a lot about what it takes

David shares his experiences as a junior golfer and how he became a scratch golfer with very little instruction.  It’s amazing to see the importance of the environment he came up in and how much that pushed him to become better and better.

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