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It’s hard to narrow down the most important topics and concepts from 2015 but that is what we’ve attempted to do. We’ve compiled a list of 12 things that are worth reviewing so you can be the best instructor and coach possible.


HOW TO USE THIS POST > Listen through the show with a notebook and only jot down the topics that are most relevant to you. Then go back and listen to the 2-3 most important shows that are relevant to you.

#1 – Focusing on learning and skill acquisition

Michael Hebron’s story is really interested because he achieved a massive level of success as teacher of the year in 1991 and then decided to go through a complete paradigm shift and change how he approached thing.

“I’m trying to shine a light and let students see it different so they can change without me having to tell them what to do.”

Listen to Michael’s Interview

#2 – Get Uncomfortable

Tim Suzor and Jeff Ritter are instructors who have thought outside the box. They’be built companies and businesses that are larger than themselves and constantly push the paradigm of what’s possible.

They’re call to action is to get uncomfortable. If you stay comfortable you’re probably not seeing much growth. So get out TODAY and do something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable.

Listen to Tim and Jeff’s Interview

#3 – Give A Little To Get A Lot

Dr Rick Jensen shares an EXCELLENT framework for building an audience and getting new students. Ask yourself these questions to kick things off.

  • Who are the people who make up your ideal target market?
  • What could you do with 20% of your time that would put you in front of them so that they can experience (even free of charge) the value that you have to offer?
  • Once you are in front of prospective students, how will you clearly communicate your value proposition – the benefit that you will provide for them?

Read the Article from Dr Rick Jensen

#4 – Write and Self Publish Your Own Book

Matt Rudy shares why now is an amazing time for any instructor to create an awesome book and self-publish it. Whether your goal is to have a marketing piece for your teaching or to have an additional product to sell.

If in 2016 you want to write your own book listen to this episode with Matt and the case study with Brandon Stooksbury.

Listen to Matt Rudy

#5 – Biggest Loser Coaching Program

A lot of people are interested in running a Biggest Loser program, but not really sure how to do it. That’s why this conversation with Matt Wilson is worth reviewing.

This structure has a lot of benefits from a student learning perspective and business. 

#1 – You can actually coach people and tell them what they should be practicing and working on.
#2 – You’re tracking progress and getting some amazing testimonials.
#3 – You’re increasing your hourly rate by getting students into a group setting.
#4 – You’re creating recurring revenue if you set it up on a monthly or annual basis.

Listen to Matt Wilson


#6 – How to effectively use technology

Eric Jones uses launch monitors in a group coaching experience (something most people wouldn’t assume being very effective). I think this is a great strategy to boost the value of your coaching programs and also allow you to have more studnents in a session because of the technologies ability to act as a virtual assistant.

Listen to Eric Jones

If you’re trying to remove yourself from the equation and create additional revenue from tech I love Liam’s approach to creating technology memberships. If you have the gear and the space this is a strategy with exploring.

Listen Liam Mucklow

#7 – Create a junior tournament league that continually fills and grows your coaching programs.

If you have a group coaching program adding on a jr tournament league has some massive benefits. Will Robins runs through a few in the linked article below and gives some great advice on how to get started.

The key is to make sure that these players see a path to improvement so they can see how to get better, how to have fun with their friends and want to progress through your coaching system.

Read the Article from Will Robins

#8 – 5-5-5 Program

James Hong shares his brilliant program to get students interested in what you have to offer and get’s you working with groups.

Listen to James Hong

#9 – An Understandable Mental Framework, OSVEA

Iain Highfield shared his mental process, OSVEA in a way that anyone can implement. If you don’t have a mental strategy with students I think this is an amazing resource that can help your students.

Until you define your system in a concrete way like OSVEA, you’ll have a hard time getting students to understand and buy in.

Listen to Iain Highfield

#10 – Fitness and Golf

Jason Glass and Lance Gil both came on in 2015 to talk about myths in fitness and what instructors should learn from the fitness industry.

Listen to Jason Glass
Listen to Lance Gil

#11 – Coaching from a “coaches” Perspective

Michael Michaelides is both an instructor and a college golf coach so he shares his persepctive as a coach of students for years in the college setting.

Most of our conversations about coaching are from teh perspective of instructors and teachers. Michael shines a light on some different topics that most aren’t paying attention to.

Listen to Michael Michaelides

#12 – Elite Junior Coaching Program

Henry Brunton shares all the details about how he runs his elite junior coaching program. Henry knows how to run a WORLD CLASS program and has something worth checking out.

If you’re thinking about coaching or working with juniors Henry is a great model to look at and get some ideas from.

Listen to Henry Brunton


Hope you enjoyed all of these!

Make a list of those worth reviewing and make sure to get the content you need before diving into 2016.

2015 has been an amazing year around here at Golf in the Life of. 40+ episodes live on the site 35,000 plays from instructors and coaches around the world. Thank you for listening in and caring about your craft of teaching and coaching golf!

If you’re interested in joining a thriving community of entrepreneurial golf instructors learn more about our new membership program. Learn more here.

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For most coaches and instructors creating a income stream that is not directly related to your time is difficult.  That’s why this conversation with Liam Mucklow about technology memberships is VITAL for anyone with the right opportunity.

If you’re investing in an expensive piece of technology how to you maximize the ROI of that investment this conversation is FOR YOU!  This story is extremely realistic and something that anyone can do if it’s something that 

Liam shares some important tips on how to make the feedback effective during a practice session for students and some aspects to focus on for a better learning environment.

When going down this route of technology memberships you have two options.  The first is focused toward more recreation and the recreational golfer and the second is part of a long-term coaching program.

The move to open his first location in a Squash club was vital because of the foot traffic and access to golfers.  Launching this model of business in association with another business (that has a lot of customers that would be a good crossover) can have some MASSIVE benefits.  A really REALLY important factor when deciding where you’d want to physically host this model.

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We talked last week with Matt Rudy about his thoughts on writing a book, but I wanted to get a case study of what it looks like from the instructors point of view.

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Matt Rudy is a Golf Digest Senior Writer and co-author of over 22 books, so he is the perfect guy to talk about writing your first book.  We dive into everything from the idea to the most common mistakes people make when thinking about writing a book.


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